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MEG (Math Exam Generator)
Current Version:  1.0

MEG is a math test generator.  Tests are designed for children grades 3 and under.  This software is useful for teachers and parents.  It can be used to create addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division test.  MEG has a simple design that anybody can learn.  Teachers and Parents can start generating tests in minutes.  Simply tell MEG what kind of test, the number of questions and the highest number for each question and it will immediately create the test.  Each test can be saved to disk so that the same test can be used over and over again. 


It is easy to install MEG.  Unzip the files into any folder on your computer.  To start MEG, just double click on meg.exe.  If you want MEG to appear on your desktop, right mouse click on "meg.exe" and select "Send to" | "Desktop".

Using MEG

Start up MEG by double clicking on meg.exe.

Click on File | New to create a new test.

Select the type of test (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division).
Specify the number of questions for the test.
Set the highest number for each question.
Click on OK.

MEG will create the nest according to your specification. 

You'll notice that the test is first created with the answers.  To remove the answers, click on the File | Options.  There are few options that can be set.  Class Name and Teacher's Name only appears when you print the test.


For Bugs or New Features, send an email to support@amersoft.com



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