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Accurate Time Clock is an employee time clock software. It allows you to use a PC to record all employees' work hours.  This replaces the old time clock machine and a lot more. Traditionally, an employee clocks in and clocks out when he/she is done with his/her work. At the end of each week, this timesheet is gathered and his pay for the week is manually calculated. This task is tedious and prone to error. Accurate Time Clock fixes all that. An employee’s time will be electronically tracked. At the end of each week, a report can be generated and the pay is automatically calculated. This process that use to take a day can now be done in a few minutes. Accurate Time Clock is efficient, fast and accurate.

Desktop Version $29.99

Network Version $44.99

Key Features  
Easy to use
  User friendly applications yes
  Accurate Time Clock Client yes
  Accurate Time Clock Manager yes
  Define departments within your company yes
  Easily assign employees to departments yes
New! User Define Accounting/Project Codes (Use to track hours on Projects, Tasks, Customers, etc) yes
New! User Define Pay Type (Regular Pay, Vacation Pay, Sick Pay, etc) yes
  Employees can view their own time entries from Client yes
  Time Rounding (nearest 5 min, 10 min, 15 min etc...) yes
  Unlimited Number of Employees yes
  Unlimited Number of Time Entries yes
  Administrative Password to Accurate Time Clock Manager yes
  Employee PIN - Use to clock in/clock out yes
New! Blocks employees from changing system time yes
  Employee List Reports yes
  Time Entry Reports yes
  Payroll Reports yes
  Run reports for all employees yes
  Run reports for a specific department yes
  Run reports for a single employee yes
  Run reports weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, custom dates yes
Data Export
  Export to Microsoft Word yes
  Export to Microsoft Excel yes
  Export to Adobe PDF yes
Performance and Scalability
  Using Microsoft's latest technology (.Net Framework 2.0) yes
  Developed on top of MS SQL Server Express Database yes
  Offers a clear upgrade path as your database grows yes
Supports and Services
   Unlimited Email Support yes
   Free Upgrades yes
The CD contains
  Accurate Time Clock Manager yes
  Accurate Time Clock Client yes
  User Manual yes
  Setup Program yes
  MS SQL Server Express Database yes
  MS .Net Framework 2.0 yes
Supports Operating Systems
  Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later yes
  Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with SP4 yes
  Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 4 or later yes
  Windows Server 2003 Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter editions
with Service Pack 1 or later
  Windows Server 2003 Web Edition SP1 yes
Windows Vista yes
Windows 7 yes
New! Windows 10 yes

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Screen Shots
Accurate Time Clock Client.  Employees can clock in/out.  Employees can view their own time entries.  Information is password protected.
Accurate Time Clock Manager Employees Screen (Add/Edit/Delete Employees)
Settings - Time Settings Tab (Set time rounding to nearest 5 min, 10 min, etc..., Set overtime settings)
Employee List Report
Time Entry Report
Multiple Bi-Weekly Payroll Report
Weekly Payroll Report
Monthly Payroll Report



How To Buy
We have 2 versions (Desktop and Network)
Desktop version - Single PC.  All employees use a common PC to clock in and out.


Network version - Multi-PC.  All employees can use their own PC to clock in and out.  The client software can be installed onto all the employees computer.